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Anyone who has visited one of my Elmira websites is familiar with all the help I have received in the form of photos and stories from Elmirans and former Elmirans. We began all of this back in 1997. There are the The Mark Twain Adventure Stories, the stories and photos at the Eldridge Park Home Page and the photos on display in the Photo of The Month Album at

Elmira Country is a continuation of those poignant collections about Elmira, NY, with an attempt at consolodating and making it easier to navigate through these many interesting stories and photos. I hope you will find it a true celebration of the Elmira experience - the pleasure of visiting or living in this upstate New York community that so many of us call our home town.

With Elmira Country, we continue our search for more photos and stories, and I hope you'll take some time to fill out this short form below, and will let me know that you'd like your mementos and stories to have a presence here at Elmira Country. You can e-mail me at, if you'd like to arrange to send your stories and photos to me. Or simply fill out the form below and I will get in touch with you and we can go from there.

I hope to hear from you about Elmira, the Heights, Horseheads and yes, even neighboring Corning, Waverly, Chemung and Wellsburg. We have a lot to share with each other about our common connections to Elmira Country.

Bill Cook,

If you'll fill out this short questionnaire, I'll get back to you in a New York minute.

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